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L'Université Wesford Genève dispense un enseignement
dans le cadre du LMD. Bachelor  -  MBA / Master  - DBA.

Marketing - Management - Communication - Gestion - Finance - Banque
- Achats logistique - Ressources humaines,- Relations internationales.

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English (UK)


A Word from the Director

In an increasingly complex world full of uncertainties and risks, it is important to carry out studies toward the attainment of knowledge and skills at an international level in a safe environment. Our private university in Geneva brings you the solution: A curriculum of courses that interest large international companies and offer our students a working opportunity to develop the skills required for a successful career.

Knowledge is no longer sufficient. Nowadays, professionals need to be able to analyse, interpret, judge, and anticipate solutions for the future. Our program equips students with the skills required to succeed. We support them and help them enhance their qualities and develop their skills. The graduation responsibility is up to them, and is accomplished through the demonstration of influence capabilities, decision-making skills, and personal strengths.

Our goal is to mentor students and lead them to be responsible business leaders focused on ensuring a strong future for generations to come. We are equipped with an exceptional infrastructure and we promote the well-being, autonomy and personal development of our students.

Being part of our university means choosing an experienced, human-sized structure with a high-level faculty that is close to each student with the following objectives: Support, fulfilment and success, for a successful career.

Mr. Alex Liénard