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Entry into Switzerland

Depending on your personal situation, such as whether you are an EU / EFTA student or not, the Admissions Office will help you with your application starting the week following your registration or your arrival in Switzerland.


Foreign nationals wishing to visit Switzerland: 

For specific information, please contact your nearest Swiss Embassy or Consulate. They will answer your questions regarding your visa requirements depending on your nationality and/or personal situation. You will also find general information on the website of the Federal Office for Migration

Students from the EU / EFTA do not need a visa but must register with the Foreigners and Confederates Department within 14 days of their arrival and also apply for their student permit at Office Cantonal de la Population in Geneva, Switzerland.

The following documents are required:
• Request for personal stay EU form
• Valid travel document
• Confirmation of admission to the university (attestation of enrolment)
• Proof of sufficient financial means to cover the cost of your studies (bank certificate or other certified document)
• Proof of a valid residential address for your place of residence
• Two passport photos

Some non-EU / EFTA countries are not subject to visa requirements (the United States, for example). To inquire about how to enter and stay in Switzerland with the Swiss representation abroad, you can download and complete this form.

Students from other countries should contact the nearest Swiss representative agency abroad and apply for a visa. They will answer your specific questions. You will also find general information on the website of the Federal Office for Migration 

The process for applying for a student visa often takes two to six months and can only be initiated once you have been admitted to the Wesford University Geneva. 

How to Apply for a Swiss Student Visa

Apply for admission to the university and be accepted as a student in Wesford University Geneva.

Complete the registration form and pay registration fees, tuition fees and taxes.

Following your registration into the program, we will send you an attestation of enrolment as a full-time student, as well as a certificate of payment of tuition fees, and a program of studies with your class load. 

Meanwhile, we will ask your Consulate or Embassy in Switzerland to help you as much as possible. Please note that we are committed to assisting students with immigration procedures and completion of their applications, however the Wesford University Geneva has no legal capacity to intervene with the authorities. It is a student’s responsibility to fulfil the necessary legal obligations to obtain immigration approvals and visas.

We will send you a copy of the certificates that, upon receipt, must be sent to the cantonal authorities in Geneva, or the nearest Swiss Embassy or Consulate to begin the visa application process.

You will be asked for the following documentation: The certificate of registration at the Wesford University Geneva, your passport, your diplomas and their translations, the certificate of the payment of tuition fees, and financial guarantees.

Prepare to justify your choice of studies in Switzerland and what your objectives are after the course and to declare your intention to return to your country of origin after your studies.

The Swiss authorities will notify you if your visa application has been granted or refused. In the case where a visa is granted, you have to return to the Embassy or the Consulate to have the visa stamped on your passport. Rejections are very rare.

Your registration at the Wesford University Geneva will not be completed until you have obtained and presented the Visa to the Admissions Office.

The student visa authorizes you to enter Switzerland, but does not allow you to be a resident.

An application for a residency permit must be made within 10 days of your arrival.

The Admissions Office will help you in your application for a residency permit: B permit. 

For more information, you can consult the following websites:

- Office Fédéral des Affaires Etrangères
- Office Cantonal de la Population.
- Office Fédéral des Migrations
- représentation suisse à l'étranger