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Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in International Relations

Targeted Students

Requirements: Bachelor's degree 2nd year, Bac / Maturity +2 tertiary or technical, (2nd year license, DUT, BTS or 120 credits ETCS).

Objectives of the Bachelor's degree in International Business
• To prepare students for the management skills of a business unit, a team, an agency, one or more products / services, in various sectors
• To train young graduates to take on responsibilities in companies, through decision-making, relevant analysis of situations and autonomy of work
• To learn the methods and tools of the specialized programme

Graduates can continue in the graduate program (Master / MBA), with the same specialization or in dual competence.

Some examples of career opportunities include
• International Development Manager
• Import / Export Manager
• Senior Account Developer
• International Marketing Manager
• Sales Manager
• Technical Sales Manager
• International Event Manager
• Tourism Development Manager
• Responsible for Sports Organizations and Leisure (International)

 Required aptitudes
• Sense of responsibility
• Taking the initiative
• Communications and teamwork
• Dynamism
• Strength of conviction 

Admissions requirements
• Study of the student´s dossier based on the notes of the last two years of studies.
• Interview to assess level of motivation and programme fit: 30-minute interview to ensure that the programme and specialty chosen are consistent withthe candidate's skills and abilities.
• In the case of program admission, the student must provide proof of the level required before his or her integration in October.


Assessments of prior learning (courses): Ongoing reviews and checks, by EU and semester.

Assessment of professional competencies: The student draws up a report of the activities carried out during his training period, highlighting the skills developed. An oral examination is also compulsory. Faculty members with knowledge of the subject area of your thesis in general terms, normally from your school, will be appointed to chair the viva at the end of the academic year.

Internship Required

The internship is obligatory, either at the end of studies (2 months), or in the framework of the Dual Education System. This course aims to acquire the professional skills and the necessary experience according to the student´s level of studies and academic background.

Degrees Awarded
Students who have passed all of the assessments (examinations, continuous tests and attainment of professional experience) receive the diploma of:

• Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in International Relations

As an option and upon request, the student can apply for the FEDE (European Federation of Schools) diploma. 

Continuation of Studies

After obtaining the Marketing Communication Bachelor's degree, the student can continue in the Masters / MBA program at Wesford University Geneva:
• Master of Business Administration with a Major in International Finance - Banking
• Master of Business Administration with a Major in Human Resource Management
• Master of Business Administration with a Major in Marketing and Communications
• Master of Business Administration with a Major in Supply Chain Management - Purchasing Logistics



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