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L'Université Wesford Genève dispense un enseignement
dans le cadre du LMD. Bachelor  -  MBA / Master  - DBA.

Marketing - Management - Communication - Gestion - Finance - Banque
- Achats logistique - Ressources humaines,- Relations internationales.

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The Campus

The Campus

The campus of the Wesford University Geneva has is set in a classic historical monument in the canton of Geneva Le Château Banquet, located two UN tram stops from the many non-governmental organizations. Its park is at the disposal of all students, over which they can enjoy the view of the lake and spend their leisure time.


Also, they can enjoy a computer room entirely dedicated to the realization of their personal works.


The Wesford University Geneva promotes collaborative work (groupware) between students, professors and the administration through the use of information system communication tools such as e-mail, social media, etc. In this way, any student can access information and services from the Intranet, have a personal and secure electronic mailbox, have internet via a broadband connection, benefit from printing services, and have access to electronic databases.


Ideal Premises for the Success of Each Student


The Wesford University Geneva places its students at the heart of its Information System. The premises are equipped with fiber optics and completely modern information systems. Each student has a secure electronic mailbox, high-speed internet access, and access to data and print servers. Each student has his or her personal directory for the storage of files (pedagogical, professional and personal) that the student can keep forever. The premises are located in a historical area on the Geneva Lake, opposite of a tram station with several shops and services nearby. The premises offer a large park that gives access to the lake, with a view of Mont Blanc! It is a campus in the city centre that provides all the advantages of an ideal student’s life.


Your Relocation to Geneva

Application: You must submit your application. Upon receipt, one of our admissions representatives will contact you to meet you either at the university or by Skype. You will be asked for information such as course notes or credits, and other formalities depending on your location.

Registration: If the Admissions Committee decides favourably upon your admission, you can proceed with your registration through our online form. Upon receipt, we will forward you the academic year’s calendar, your timetables and all the pedagogical details, including subjects, teachers, evaluations and all information concerning your academic year.


Accommodation: This concerns your student life in Geneva.

• We will issue you a student card and an attestation of enrolment.

• We will assist you with your administrative file with the Swiss authorities: visas, permits, etc…

• We will help you find accommodation in Geneva or in a border country.


• We will support you in your search for a company for an internship.