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The company space

Our job, your business, your skills

The development of your professional skills

Throughout the courses, students develop their skills, enabling themselves to be put into a real situation in one or several companies. They acquire know-how in accordance with their future profession, thanks to the support of their professional tutors and the executives of their companies.

In company internships, students are able to:
• Practice theoretical knowledge and obtain recognized professional skills
• Develop professional networks
• Build professional experience and acumen
• Get support for professional project
• Receive support and facilitation that accelerates their entry into the labour market

What are the different steps?

From the point of enrolment, the student will be supported on:
• Development of the student profile: skills and abilities
• Implementation of research tools: CV, letter, preparation for interview, job search techniques
• Elaboration on the professional project: activities and functions
• Definition of the type of activities of the host company
• Job search
• Entrepreneurship recruitment interviews

From the beginning of the mission in a company:
• Follow-up on the student in the company: skills progress, performance and results
• Professional relations with the company's tutor
• Access to the labour market to learn from real business experiences

At the end of the course:

Students receive a course report, a portfolio of developed skills, advice and assistance in executing a contract of employment and/or embarking on a continuation of their studies.

Possibility of Part-Time:

Some students may choose the Part-Time system: this means that the student accomplishes the programme at the same time as a (paid) company internship. In this case, the schedule is arranged so that the student can benefit from all of the courses and ensure a paid internship in a company. 

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