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UWG - Université Wesford Genève
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Bachelor / Licence - MBA / Master 

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Students testimonials



Gaëtan Bouteloup

These two years in the Master's degree program at Wesford University Geneva have been an enriching experience for me. Thanks to this, I had the opportunity to initiate myself into the business world through the Dual Education System and put into practice the theory learned in class. The reduced number of students in the classroom enables professors to give personalized attention and effective follow-up. Moreover, the double degree (Swiss Diploma / European State Title) is an undeniable asset that makes a difference on a professional profile.

Laura Descles

Following earning a Master’s Degree in International Finance at Wesford University Geneva, I pursued a second Master’s degree in Finance Banking. The Part-Time course has allowed me, in addition to financing my studies, to integrate very quickly into the labour market!

More than just a university, the Wesford University Geneva is a place of living and sharing. I had a great time, building perhaps the best memories of my life as a student.

Besides, the entire teaching team was very open and helped me make progress in my studies, while the administrative staff worked tirelessly to help me find a job.

This programme allowed me to realize the dream of my life, which was taking a beautiful first step in my career: I am now a teacher in accounting and finance at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. My gratitude goes out to the Wesford University Geneva and to the whole team!


Yahia Dhif 

I had a lot of fun studying at the Wesford University Geneva in a Dual Education System programme, which allowed me to complete my studies and become clear on my future ambitions.

Thanks to this academic background and my professional experience, today I am continuing my career in Dubai in a multinational company.