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L'Université Wesford Genève dispense un enseignement
dans le cadre du LMD. Bachelor  -  MBA / Master  - DBA.

Marketing - Management - Communication - Gestion - Finance - Banque
- Achats logistique - Ressources humaines,- Relations internationales.

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The professors

A High-Level Teaching Team

Top qualified professors from academia and the business world

The quality of teaching and the value of programmes offered in our university also include appointments with professors, who are available to listen and to respond to inquiries from students.

Our professors come from prestigious academic institutions with different backgrounds in the field of business. Likewise, our faculty members consist of 1/3 teaching professionals and 2/3 experts and company executives.

Our small classes allow the professors to know each student, with whom they share their passion for modern management. Professors and students work as a team to harmonize teaching and to offer students the opportunity to study in line with the skills required in a company.

The Philosophy of the University

Availability, personalized follow-up, and adapted teaching approaches

The Pedagogical Department ensures the coordination of courses and monitors the progress of the programmes. It follows the level of knowledge acquired by each student, including that obtained in the workplace during the internship. If the student is abroad during the university course, the coaching manager coaches the student remotely via the Internet, in a highly interactive way through the e-coaching system.

We are committed to guaranteeing the quality of the programmes and each student's performance. On the one hand, the pedagogical advisor is responsible for the optimisation of the pedagogical effectiveness for each student, the coordination of evaluations, of which 1/3 are represented for continuous checks, while mid-term exams represent 1/3 of the scoring. On the other hand, the faculty council meets to evaluate each student's performance. In parallel, the pedagogical advisor implements corrective actions to adapt the student´s level and prerequisites to the requirements of the delivered courses (i.e., support courses, special arrangements, work, etc...)

Personalized Pedagogy

Faculty Availability
Our professors are highly available and enthusiastic about listening to students. They provide personalized follow-up, including during course periods, and refinement of the student´s professional project with the help of the corporate consultants to outline each student’s career plan. Our professors are known for their experience in applied pedagogy, bringing in the practical teaching expected by students while guiding them along a concrete path to discover the business world. Likewise, the professor´s knowledge and experience greatly helps in their internships in companies.

• The faculty consists of 50% permanent university professors and 50% professionals from the business world.
• The Wesford University Geneva’s Pedagogical Laboratory, in charge of continuous improvement in education, conducts ongoing satisfaction surveys with its host companies and students.
• The members of the Pedagogical Laboratory define programmes that are consistent with the needs of companies and validate the quality of teaching.

• As part of continuous improvement (according to the ISO standards), the quality of teaching is assessed by all of our stakeholders (students, teachers, parents, companies, etc...).





• Le corps professoral est constitué de 50% de professeurs d’Université permanents et de 50% de professionnels ayant une activité en entreprise.


• Le Laboratoire Pédagogique de l’Université Wesford, chargé de l’amélioration continue pédagogique, réalise en permanence des enquêtes de satisfaction auprès de ses entreprises d’accueil et de ses élèves.


• Les membres du Laboratoire Pédagogique définissent les programmes en cohérence avec les besoins des entreprises et valident la qualité des enseignements.


• Dans le cadre de l'amélioration continue (ISO), la qualité des enseignements est évaluée par tous les acteurs (élèves, enseignants, entreprises, ...).